a generation ahead


37 gram Full HD performance


infotainment and navigation systems.



From concept to completion

Innotrends is a technology driven organization founded in the beginning of 2011 to develop new unique and easy to use solutions to support media mobility, wireless flexibility and global connectivity, coupled with modern lifestyles and business. All the processes from innovation over creation up to worldwide distribution are provided by Innotrends in cooperation with our reliable partners.

Our mission is to lead the next wave of innovative products and first class services that meet the expanding needs of our customers around the world. We develop innovative and customized designs inspiring the creativity of diverse cultures and individuals.

Having the unique competence on research and development, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing, Innotrends provides a powerful one-stop solution for everybody.

Our developers are focused on consumer needs and integrate new features, user-friendly applications, innovative materials and attractive visual appearance into our designs.