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CA-FI released its new Dashlinq4

The next-gen of Android based aftermarket in-car infotainment systems The announced change in the car audio industry has come to hand as expected. Today the modern car is equipped with a up-to-date...
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One of the world’s lightest action camera Innotrends announced the release of its digital mini camera called DIMIKA today. The DIMIKA 1080HD is the first model of a new versatile digital camera...
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Ca-Fi’s new head unit: Dashlinq

Focused on the upcoming technology trends of the automobile industry, Ca-Fi® starts its new car infotainment line – Dashlinq – which is designed for the aftermarket. According to leading car-industry experts, 2013...
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Innotrends presents e-payment tablet stand In time for the Hong Kong Electronic Fair Innotrends Ltd. announces a completely new designed tablet stand for a better and faster checkout management and supports with...
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Upgraded Android 2Din

In autumn 2011, Innotrends announced it was launching the world’s first Android platform 2Din in-car infotainment system, the Ca-Fi 620800 Universal. Since then, there have been similar products launched with varying degrees...
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