One of the world’s lightest action camera

Innotrends announced the release of its digital mini camera called DIMIKA today. The DIMIKA 1080HD is the first model of a new versatile digital camera line which focuses on consumer needs and expectations. DIMIKA is an extreme powerful mini video camera, designed for all activities where light-weight, small size and high performance are required. Equipped with a true 1080p High Definition (Full HD) Video Image Sensor and a latest Video Processor, the DIMIKA supports high-end features such as G-Sensor, Slow Motion Support, Time-Lapse, Wide Dynamic Range, Motion Detection and professional Low Light Performance.


What makes DIMIKA different to others?

Compared with other available pocket or action cameras the DIMIKA is an absolutely light-weight device. With only 37.2 gram, the user will not feel any extra load and can freely mount it to any equipment. For this, the integrated tripod socket on the bottom side makes a big range of standard mounts available.

Design and position of lens: Against the mostly heavier and tube-formed sport cameras, Innotrends takes anotherchoice. The DIMIKA has a flat and modern designed rectangular shape with a lens alignment to the front. With that, it’s easy to focus to objects or align it on any bracket.

Last but not least – the heaviest part of the 37g DIMIKA is the 600mA rechargeble battery which enables the user to capture non-stop videos in FullHD mode for about 80 min.


DIMIKA – The all-rounder

Use it as a flying eye on a Quad copter or RC-Aircraft, as a Dash-Cam in your vehicle, as a Black-Box on your bike, as an Action Cam on your Hang-Glider or even as a Webcam on your computer.

The DIMIKA is not only powerful equipped but also an extreme small camera and with this feature – as the size of 64 x 38 x 16 mm – tailor-made for the operation as an on board camera especially for multi-copters and RC-airplanes. The 5 elements 140 degree lens captures professional video clips in full HD with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixel by 30 frames per second. Perfect for aerial filming.

Vehicle Dash Cam

The DIMIKA CAMERA is versatile usable and can also impress in fields of traffic safety and road protection. For the usage as a dash-cam it supports all features such as Shock-Sensor, Loop-Recording and auto power on and off which are easily to setup by support software. Plugged with a wind-shield holder onto the wind-shield inside a vehicle and the DIMIKA CAMERA can start its work as a video and audio black-box.

Website: www.dimika-camera.com
Specifications: http://dimikacamera.com/dimika-specifications/



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