Innotrends takes the CA-FI Infotainment system to the next level.

Innotrends Ltd has expanded their CA-FI product line with new models which are now available for purchase. Adding to the universal unit, Ca-Fi now provides a much wider range of customized in-dash-installation models that are designed to fit the dashboards of many well known car brands such as Mazda, VW, Honda, Chevrolet, Toyota, Ford, Hyundai and Kia. Each of these new models have the front panels and input keys designed to match the interior style of these select automobiles. This will mark a new step for their Androidâ„¢ in car infotainment systems and upgrade the interior environment of these automobiles.

These new models come up with larger touch screens, the largest screen at 8 inches for some select automobiles. The improved touch screens make it even more comfortable to enjoy a wide array of apps, such as music and video streaming, hands-free calling, GPS navigation, online services like online shopping and internet banking on the go. It supports also a rear-view camera and a video/audio out for headrest screens and separated sound systems to entertain the passengers in the back. Play your favourite songs from your mobile phone or movies and games from your SD card or any other external music source on the CA-FI system.

Always stay connected with the world by using the 3G dongle or use a mobile access point like your smart phone as a hot spot via WLan. Due to the enormous amount of apps downloadable from the internet, the CA-FI systems can offer features for anybody.

As one of the first Androidâ„¢ infotainment system providers Innotrends Ltd is setting new standards for car infotainment systems throughout the whole automotive industry.

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